& Mobility


These  1-2-1 classes primarily for our member to build confidence build your confidence in the gymnastic skills, general movements and mobility within CrossFit. No previous gymnastics experience is necessary and classes will be a relaxed low-pressure environment.

Along side the key CrossFit gymnastics shapes and movements like hollow/superman, handstands, pull ups & ring skills, we will also look at skills less likely to appear in a regular CrossFit workout, rolling, cartwheels, double leg circles as these all have key attributes that enhance body control and awareness, both essential elements within CrossFit.

Why should I perform mobility exercises 1-2-1?

Performing mobility exercises can resolve pain, prevent injury and optimize athletic performance.

The better your mobility the easier the movement will be for you, and then you can start focussing on increasing strength and improving endurance as you are in a stronger position to start off with.

How does it affect my life and athletic performance?

Coach Antonio in action

What will I gain/learn from doing a Mobility 1-2-1?

How to:

  • Prevent and rehabilitate common athletic injuries.
  • Overhaul movement habits efficiently to use the body’s most effective physiology.
  • Quickly identify, diagnose and fix inefficient movement patterns.
  • Problem solve for pain and dysfunction.
  • Fix poor mechanics that rob power, bleed force and dump torque.
  • Unlock athletic capacity previously unused.
  • Develop strategies that restore function to joints and tissues.


So what are you waiting for?! Let’s get mobilised!