Future Fitness Training Info

Future Fitness Training Intro

Intro Training sessions

Thursday    5.15pm – 6.15 pm

 Sunday  11.30 am- 12.30pm 


£35 with discounts for other siblings/Parents  members training at our Academy ( approx £4.37 a session Gymnastics in Milton keynes on average  £5.75 for one session a week  sources,MK Gymnastics, MK Springers, Arabian Gymnastics ) 


£15 for two sessions

M1 J14 Future Fitness

M1 J14 Future Fitness is a progressive Coach led Junior programme offering classes in the following age groups: Kids – 5 to 7yrs, Junior – 8-12yrs and Teens – 13 to 17yrs.

We have been running Children classes and after school classes since 2002

What is a class like?

 M1 J4 Future Fitness classes are held in a group setting, and include age-appropriate training for different age groups. 

Workouts are scaled to accommodate different ages, fitness levels and physical abilities.for the younger members workouts typically follow a game-based format and consist of constantly varied, functional movements
Classes include a warm up, skill work, and workout. Kids sometimes do train using appropriate weight loads and equipment  Our classes are fun and safe. 

How long are the classes?

Class lengths vary depending on the age group, but range between 45 minutes and  one hour.

 What ages can children participate in classes?

we offer programmes for kids ages 5-12, and a Teens Programme.

When are classes held?

Initially classes will be held on Wednesdays 5.15 pm Thursdays at 5.15 pm and Sundays at 11.30 am

Why will Juniors and Teenagers  respond so well to the Programme

It is never boring. No two workouts are the same, so the novelty of each class keeps them excited about participating.

We teach our  classes in a game-style format that’s fun and engaging. Those who participate in the programme learn to be supportive and encouraging of all children in the programme, so no one feels left out or left behind.

 It is a community, where every junior — regardless of fitness level or athleticism — is given the opportunity and the tools to find their own athletic ability within them.

How does the Programme benefit my child?

We  do not focus on training children to be good in just one specialised area or sport. Because the classes cover a broad range of movements, exercises and modalities, kids become well-rounded overall Other benefits  include:

  • Enhanced motor skills, better movement 
  • Increased strength and conditioning that translates to all sports
  • Goal-setting and attainment through self-discipline
  • Lifelong love of physical activity and fitness
  • Positive body image
  • Better understanding of health, fitness and nutrition
  • Reversal of health issues such as obesity
  • Protection against injury
  • Increase self-confidence and self-worth
  • Supportive, positive community of kids and adult role models
  • Improved life skills such as problem solving, perseverance, and dedication

Does my child have to be athletic or fit to participate?

Definitely not. You will find children in all shapes and sizes in our programs, each one having a great time getting into shape and discovering their own unique athletic abilities. We are here to teach kids healthy lifestyle choices and a love for fitness, whatever level they’re at.

How do I get my child started?

The M1 J14  Future Fitness programme combines gymnastics, body weight calisthenics and weightlifting elements to develop capacity across ten general physical skills: cardio-respiratory endurance, power, strength, stamina, speed, agility, flexibility, balance, accuracy, and co-ordination.

The elements are combined to keep members engaged and entertained, while teaching them proper movement technique and creating a broad athletic foundation. .

M1 J14  Future Fitness imperative to pair fitness and fun, to create a lifelong love of health and fitness for our children.

M1 J14 Kids and Teens fitness programme is a progressive coach led programme

Will my child be doing weight training, and is that safe? 

Depending on the age, ability and fitness level of the children, we do incorporate weight training and lifting into our Programme But we do so in a way that promotes the highest level of safety and effectiveness. We place a strong emphasis on learning and perfecting the correct form,. With younger children, we often do not use weights at all.

When done under the proper supervision of a professionally trained and certified coach, weight training is safe for children. In fact, mounting research shows that weight training for kids is safer than many other sports out there, and is a great way for kids to learn athletic fundamentals, improve motor skills, and develop neural pathways that will help them down the road.


Children can improve strength by 30% to 50% after just 8 to 12 weeks of a well-designed strength training program. Youth need to continue to train at least 2 times per week to maintain strength.

Youth—athletes and nonathletes alike—can successfully and safely improve their strength and overall health by participating in a well-supervised program.

Exercise and sports are an important part of childhood. The lessons learned from team and individual sports are applicable throughout life. Children who establish regular exercise habits will ideally continue them into adulthood.

A supervised strength training program that follows the recommended guidelines and precautions is safe and effective for children.

There is no minimal age requirement for participation, although children must be able to follow directions and demonstrate adequate balance and proprioception.

The health benefits of strength training far outweigh the potential risks, especially in today’s society where childhood obesity continues to rise.