Strongman Basics

Please note this can be booked as a 1-2-1 session by members at a mutually agreeable time.

Contrary to popular belief, CrossFit Strongman is a programme that has been developed for both men and women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Its purpose is to integrate strongman movements into the CrossFit model that revolves around constant variation. Through this, we encounter fun and exciting ways to increase our strength while simultaneously enhancing our overall fitness. In Short, CrossFit Strongman is a pathway for all people to gain strength and improve as athletes while having fun in the process.

Why Do CrossFit Strongman?
CrossFit Strongman has a variety of workout formats and incorporates “odd objects” that would never be seen in a traditional gym. Not only does this present an environment resembling an adult playground, it also helps us better develop functional movements that we frequently use outside of the gym. Since strongman object are less convenient to lift than a barbell, we become more efficient at lifting loads that we encounter in our daily lives, like lifting a grocery bag or even a child. Likewise, our performance will also improve when we return to using more convenient equipment, like a barbel.