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The first step is to book an Intro session


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Taster sessions are – 1-2-1 Sessions or Semi Private, Weekday and Weekends

To allow us to focus on those with a genuine interest in CrossFit this session is usually a 1-2-1 session or limited to the maximum of 4 people in the session and the session cost of is £10 per person.

Please book via the following link here.

The £10 is refunded to you at your first “Fundamentals” session once you have been online and paid for your Fundamentals course.

Please book and pay online to participate in the session. (Everything has to be done online as we do not have in-house payment systems – please don’t leave it to the last minute as there is a 30 minute cut off before the session to book in, this allows the Coaches to see who is attending and plan the session)

  • Take the first step, come with a friend if you are a bit nervous about the training. Training will be scaled to your fitness level (loose fitting gym clothes and water)
  • Our chance to listen to your goals and understand your specific needs, your chance to make an informed decision about joining our community.

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
12:20am – 1:30pm
6:10am – 7:30am 6:10am – 7:30am 6:10am – 7:30am
5:20pm – 6:20pm 5:20pm – 6:20pm 8:50am – 9:50am
6:20pm – 7:20pm 6:20pm – 7:20pm 6:20pm – 7:20pm

My Gym is Different

 What is CrossFit

Where we are

Behind the iCentre (Howard Way MK16 9PY)

(Interchange House is the third turning on the right (where the concrete cows are) of Howard Way, there will be a large placard on the grass saying “Interchange House”

The real postcode is MK16 9PY (this is the third turning on the right of Howard Way), but as this is a new business centre you can also use the postal code is MK16 9PX (this is the fourth turning on the right of Howard Way)

Please drive to the REAR of the building and park outside our door which has a CrossFit Milton Keynes banner and walk through the white door past and we are 100 metres on the LEFT at the end of the Corridor.

Or walk down the rear road of the business centre and we are the last unit (pic below)

Meet The Coaches

Our Coaches look forward to helping you reaching your goals

Ebe Ghansah

Senior Coach




Senior Coach

Our Senior Coach Ebe is an Olympian with over 30 years experience as a strength and conditioning coach in activities similar to the CrossFit concept.